Attractions in Creede

Creede, Colorado. by the B4 Studio

Creede/Mineral Chamber of Commerce

The Creede & Mineral County Visitor Center & Chamber of Commerce: your connection to vacations, recreation, attractions, real estate, lodging, and the Arts in Southern Colorado. (photo credit – B4 Studio)

This historic mining town offers contemporary boutiques for plenty of shopping, but maintains its traditional character through remembrance of its roots. Our Underground Mining Museum and old mining tours hint at older times, yet you can still step back into the present by walking down Main Street, and into one of our unique and beautiful art galleries.

Creede will be as busy or as quiet as you make it. Take the chance to retreat from the city and into the mountain calm, or follow the lights of the Creede Repertory Theatre, and see a play by a company named “one of the top 10 places to see the lights way off Broadway” (USA Today) 719-658-2374    904 S Main, Creede  •

Bachelor Historic Tour

This 17-mile driving tour loops through Creede’s historic silver mining district and ghost towns. The tour’s first interpretive stop is just north of Creede in Willow Creek Canyon at the juncture of East and West Willow creeks. A passenger car can traverse the graded gravel road to the Equity Mine and then return to Creede via Bachelor Road (FS Road 504) and the old town site of Bachelor.  Guidebooks, keyed to numbered markers along the loop, are available at the Chamber of Commerce office, the Visitor Information Center, and various businesses. The 25-page guidebook with map costs $1.00. The loop road has some narrow stretches and steep grades that require caution. Check on road conditions during inclement weather. Several 4-wheel-drive roads lead off the tour route into less accessible terrain. Allow a minimum of 1 hour for the tour.

Creede Historical Society Museum is located in the one-story wood frame train depot built in 1891-1892, during Creede’s boom days when the Denver & Rio Grande extended its line to Creede to support the mining operation.  Basham Park Main Street Creede, CO 81130  •  719-658-2004

Creede Repertory Theatre 

is a professional repertory theater company located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains northwest of Alamosa. Winner of numerous statewide and national awards, CRT has become recognized as one of our nation’s top theaters. For 48 seasons, CRT has produced the best of contemporary and classic theater from the end of May through September. Each year, CRT produces 7-10 plays in rotation on two stages – the Mainstage Theatre and the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre.  124 N Main Street Creede, CO 81130  •  866-658-2540

Underground Mining Museum One of Creede’s most popular attractions, the museum comprises a series of rooms and tunnels blasted into the cliff face at the north edge of town. Visitors receive a first hand taste of the miner’s subterranean experience through a series of demonstrations and exhibits in shafts bored specifically for that purpose. Exploring both early silver mining techniques and more recent technology, the museum provides a fascinating insight into a very important part of western Americana.  503 Forest Service Rd #9 Creede, CO 81130  •  719-658-0811

Silver Thread Scenic Byway

links Creede, Lake City, and South Fork via Hwy 149. This road has been designated as a U.S. Forest Service National Scenic Byway as well as a Colorado State Scenic and Historic Byway. The Silver Thread name alludes not only to the rich veins of silver ore that lured miners and settlers, but also to the route as it weaves along spectacular river canyons and climbs over the Continental Divide via Spring Creek Pass. As you travel through the Silver Thread rich history, you will drive through the Gunnison and the Rio Grande National Forests and you can see parts of the La Garita, Weminuche and Powderhorn Wilderness Areas. The colorful old mining camps of the Silver Thread offer history, scenic beauty, and a heavy dose of authenticity. The heights around Creede and Lake City remain strewn with abandoned mining structures, most of them accessible via rugged back country roads.

Wheeler Geologic Area

True to its name, Mineral County is a significant study area for ancient geologic activity. The formation of the La Garita and San Juan mountains began about 30 million years ago. Eruptions from massive volcanoes, like the Creede Caldera, were followed by tremendous flows of ash and mud. As the layers of volcanic debris cooled, crystals and mineral ores collected into veins and pockets to create extensive mineral fields. This era of mountain building laid down the volcanic tuff that has become the Wheeler Geologic Area. Water erosion then carved a starkly impressive landscape of fragile capstones, needles, and spires. This unique area became a National Monument in 1908. Wheeler’s status later changed to “Geologic Area.” The Creede office of the U.S. Forest Service  •  719-658-2556 administers this remote landmark.