Attractions in Crestone

Baca National Wildlife Refuge

The purpose of the 92,500 acre Baca National Wildlife Refuge is to restore, enhance, and maintain habitats for wildlife plans and fish species that are native to the San Luis Valley. The Refuge was established to help protect water resources in the San Luis Valley, the fragile great sand dunes ecosystem and some of the most important ecological, cultural, and wildlife resources of the Valley. Water is the lifeblood of the San Luis Valley. The runoff from the surrounding mountains and ground water flows are crucial to the many land uses in the Valley. These waters create a network of riparian corridors and wetlands that break up large expanses of desert and upland habitats, resulting in high plant diversity. This habitat combination creates tremendous foraging and nesting opportunities for a variety of bird species and resident wildlife.  Crestone, CO 81131 • (719) 589-4021  •