Attractions in Monte Vista

BLM – San Luis Valley Field Office

Penitente Canyon Special Recreation Management Area, Zapata Falls Special Recreation Management Area, Blanca Wetlands, Rio Grande Natural Area, Stone Quarry, Limekiln trail system.  1313 East Hwy. 160 Monte Vista, CO 81144 • (719) 849-3149 •






Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge  

is one of three national wildlife refuges in the Valley that provides crucial feeding, resting, and breeding habitat for over 200 bird species and other wildlife.  The Refuge’s wetlands are artificially made and intensively managed to provide habitat for a variety of waterfowl and other water birds.  Water from irrigation canals and wells maintain this important wetland habitat.  Mallards, pintails, teal, and Canada geese are common, as are American avocets, killdeer, white-faced ibis, egrets, and herons.  6120 Hwy 15 Monte Vista, CO 81144 • (719) 589-4021  •